Tiburon Subsea develops partnerships with marine engineering firms, energy companies, municipalities, science organizations and military from around the world. 

Due to recent high profile ocean search and recovery events utilizing AUV's the demand for this product and service is growing at an exponential rate. Tiburon Subsea helps survey companies solve the barriers of market entry by:

  • Overcoming fear of new equipment with training and educational programs
  • Overcoming barrier of cost by building and servicing an extensive rental fleet
  • Overcome lead time by building a substantial fleet of up to fifty vehicles
  • Overcoming lack of operational knowledge and experience by establishing a comprehensive, learning management system, hands on training and full field support programs.
  • Stramlining Internationally commerce permiting process
  • market the rental fleet and training services
  • Negotiate fleet capable service contracts
  • Establish long term training programs with military and industry.
  1. AUV Rental
    Survey class low logistic AUV's with a variety of high resolution sonar, bathymetric, magnetometers and environmental sensors. Implement the latest autonomous equipment today. Maintain the competitive edge in the rapid changing offshore market.
  2. Training
    Stay up to date and trained on the latest advances in underwater robotics with our online learning management system (LMS) and hands on training (HOT) program. Tiburon Subsea keeps your organization relevant in a fast growing and ever changing market. Benefit from the utilization and up to date taining. Keep your team infomed already to go to work. Hands on training centers and programs are being established around the world on a continuing basis.
  3. Commerce Permit Support
    Access AUV systems in days not weeks or months. Benefit from our established advance commerce permits. In addition to international permits and vetted affiliates our AUV's carry ATA carnet documentation: Commonly known as "Equipment Passports". Simply put, they are international documents that simplify customs procedures for temporary import of our systems.
  4. Field Support
    In addition to online and hands on training field support is a key element in helping our affiliates introduce the latest technology in realtime situational applications. On the job training turns training into an earning opportunity.