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Enhanced Subsea Data Delivery.

At TSi, we use proprietary technology to increase the efficiency and reliability of subsea data gathering. That’s how we’re building the new Data Infrastructure Platform for the Blue Economy.

A Breakthrough in Subsea Data Collection

We’re building a global fleet of Hovering Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (“HAUVs”) that are faster, more maneuverable, more reliable, and more versatile than current coastal survey vehicles.


Ideal uses for our HAUV fleet will include site exploration, oceanographic research, wind and wave renewable energy survey and maintenance, export and inter-array cable inspection, hydrographic survey, and methane leak detection. Our vehicles’ versatility and reliability make them suitable for almost any underwater survey work at 300 m or less.

Climate Remediation

Sea level changes and natural disasters driven by climate change wreak havoc on coastal infrastructure and ocean ecosystems. Consistent coastal mapping, combined with temperature and ocean current data, will allow for fishery and habitat monitoring and intervention. Additionally, our fleet of HAUVs can be deployed rapidly into disaster zones, providing the data required to reopen ports and shipping lanes in hours, rather than weeks. 


Unique hover capabilities and the JETTE™ thruster design allow our HAUV to excel in locating and identifying unexploded ordnance, which is essential to ongoing coastal engineering and near-shore environmental remediation efforts. Machine-learning payloads empower our HAUVs to surveil and report anomalies contemporaneously, saving precious time and reducing danger to operators.

Our Mission

Conventional subsea data collection methods are slow, scarce, expensive, unreliable, and unable to meet the rapidly-increasing demand for accurate subsea intelligence. At TSi, our mission is to build the platform that overcomes these barriers.


The inability to access subsea survey equipment is undermining efforts to monitor and understand our ocean’s ecosystems in areas like the transition to renewable offshore energy, coastal fishery protection, climate change remediation, underwater methane leakage, and national security.


That’s why we’re building and deploying a global fleet of AI-empowered HAUVs equipped with swarm technology and the latest in subsea survey payloads.

Freedom of Information

The prohibitively expensive nature of coastal subsea survey has prevented developing island nations and coastal countries from accurately mapping their own waters. As a result, these countries are less able to leverage their own natural resources and steward their respective underwater territories. These parties will benefit immediately from our accurate, affordable, and accessible fleet of HAUVs.

Pioneering Change

Our fully vectored HAUVs represent a massive leap forward in shallow water, low-logistics capabilities. Not only will these vehicles provide operators with cost and time efficiencies resulting from their increased maneuverability,  speed, and multi-vehicle swarm approach, but they will also offer a degree of reliability and redundancy never seen before in the subsea space on account of our robust vehicle design and fleet structure. Our HAUVs will feature built-in payloads of High Resolution MBES, MAS or HF Dual Frequency SSS, Current-Profiling, Magnetometer, HD Camera, HD Video, CTD, and Scattering Fluorescence Sensors, in addition to incorporating custom client payloads and optional Sub-Bottom Profilers.

More Efficient. More Reliable. Better Data.

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